NYC Ministry

Hear the ministry, testimonies, workshops and gems from National Youngies Camp 2022 on spotify. You’ll find lots of other young people’s ministry here aswell…enjoy!

Wednesday United 22 June 2022

Enjoy hearing gems, testimonies and workshop overviews from some of those who attended National Youngies Camp 2022 on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. Pr Paul Nobel also shares a thought on the theme of this year’s camp, ‘Connected’.

What We Are & What We’re Not

Ben Chidiac (Sydney) spoke recently at a NSW zoom Prayer & Fast about what we are as a church and what we are not. Watch on YouTube here.

History of the Church

Pastor Mark talks about the history of the bible church. Starting from the day of Pentecost when people first received the gift of the Holy Spirit, up until now – when people are still receiving the Holy Spirit and experiencing the same signs and wonders. Watch it now on YouTube here.

People of Honour

Pastor Mark looks at what the bible has to say about ‘honour’. When we are spirit-filled we become people of honour. God has honoured us with his Holy Ghost…we are valued and precious in his sight. Watch it now on YouTube here.

Why should I bother with fellowship? (Chris Jose; Jan 2015)

Why can’t we just worship God without going to church? P Chris outlines the value and role of coming together. Not going to church as a place, but being the church as an assembly. After all, we need the influence and encouragement of each other. For worship; guidance; joy and fellowship; comfort; discipline; to uphold […]