What’s on this week, and links to our recent ministry

Sun 3rd – Sat 9th January

SongLight is the digital companion to your Revival Fellowship Chorus Book…

Jason grew up in a violent home. He turned to drugs and alcohol and eventually tried to end his life. But then he found the Lord…



Links to the various online meetings that are happening this week in ACT and NSW.

A useful list of the Revival Fellowship (TRF) web and social media sites from around Australia and the world.

One Vision is how we help each other share the gospel around ACT and NSW. This video shows what One Vision does, and how you can support it with a small, regular donation.

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for calling me and saving me.

My story is one of an abundant life of faith, hope and love.

— Katy

My testimony really begins with my family. I was blessed enough to have my family start coming along to the Revival Fellowship when I was two years old.

— Axel Heineback

I thought I would never be free from that dark cloud. But I was! The Lord healed me.

The Revival Fellowship is a church family where you will hear inspiring teaching straight from the Word of God.

Are you looking for a place where you will experience God’s life changing power – a place where you and your family can grow spiritually and be inspired by faithful Bible teaching? READ MORE

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