Canberra talks

28 Aug 2023

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The Lord's faithfulness
P Chris Allen 18 February 2023

Gifts of the Holy Spirit
P David Sunderland-11 February 2023

P Michael Nagy-4 February 2023

The crimson worm
Alan Desmond-21 January 2023

Magnificent Micah
P David Sunderland-24 December 2023

Working together
P Michael Nagy-17 December 2023

Having the mind or Christ
Robert Riggs-10 December 2023

Five wise and Five foolish virgins
P Michael Nagy-3 December 2023

5 words to inspire faith
P David Sunderland-12 November 2023


Serving the Lord
Jacog Perry-Sunday 21 April

What manner of person?
P Bob Beverley-Sunday 14 April

What price salvation?
P Mike Till-Sunday 7 April

Perfect love casts out fear
Dave Finlay-Sunday 24 March

P Bob Beverley-Sunday 17 March

Using your spiritual gifts
P Nick Allan-Sunday 10 March

Fruitful in every good work
P Mike Till-Sunday 3 March

The two wells
P Mike Nagy-Sunday 25 February

Whose future is it?
Dave Finlay-Sunday 18 February

Camp and rally sessions

Easter camp at your place (2:21:57)
First Eastern Seaboard rally

June rally-Sydney (1:46:55)
Sunday communion

June rally-Canberra (1:55:30)
Sunday evening

June rally-Brisbane (1:53:15)
Monday evening

The Tabernacle series

1-Introduction (26:52)
Allan Desmond

2-The gold, silver and wood (23:52)
Allan Desmond

3-The Brazen altar (46:12)
P Chris Allen

4-The coverings (50:44)
Brian Taylor

5-The furniture (25:51)
Alan Desmond

6-The veil (37:33)
Brian Taylor

7-The High Priest's clothes (33:00)
P Bob Beverley

8-The Ark of the Covenant (45:56)
Brian Taylor