Basics – #2 Water Baptism

20 Sep 2019

As in the early Christian Church, the Revival Fellowship baptises people by full immersion in water. We baptise people old enough to be able to understand what they are doing.

Baptism is not an outdated ceremony. It is the first step to a new life. As a Christian you can expect physical healing, protection from accidents, peace of mind and joy of heart as your right. The key to this new life is to do the things that Jesus said to do.

Water baptism is one of these things.

Baptism means to thoroughly immerse under water

  • In the scriptures people were fully immersed in water1
  • John the Baptist baptised at Aenon, because ‘there was much water there’2
  • Historians and early church leaders like Luther, Calvin and Wesley agree that the method of baptism in the New Testament days was to completely dip a person under the water
  • Baptism comes from the Greek word baptizo which means to thoroughly immerse under water

Jesus said we must be baptised

  • To be saved 3
  • To enter the Kingdom of God4

In the early church the apostles baptised people who

  • Believed in Jesus5
  • Repented6
  • Wanted to follow Jesus6,7

The Bible tells us baptism is

  • A commandment of Jesus8
  • An act of a good conscience toward God9
  • A symbol of being buried and raised with Jesus10
  • The start of a new life with Jesus11

Other subjects in this series:

• What must I do to be saved
• Water baptism
• The Holy Spirit
• Speaking in tongues
• Healing
• Bible prophecy
• The return of Jesus Christ

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