WordLight – Song and bible projection for the Revival Fellowship

18 Mar 2020

About WordLight

WordLight is a Windows app to display songs and scriptures on a projection screen.  It can be used by any Revival Fellowship assembly at no cost.

A short intro showing all main functionality (3:57)

To install WordLight, download the WordLight installer, then run the downloaded setup file. On the ‘Windows protected your PC’ screen, click on ‘More info’ then ‘Run anyway’.

To remove WordLight from your computer, or to start again with a fresh installation, download and run this remove app.

Main features:

  • Projection of song lyrics
  • Optional access to song scores and audio tracks
  • Projection of Bible scripture reference or full text
  • Various projection options for a separate projector (second screen) or on a single monitor (eg a laptop)
  • Automatic update and addition of songs worldwide, and option for local versions
  • Bibles in English, Mandarin, Dutch and Hungarian. For additional languages, please request by email

Checkout its companion iPhone and Android app for song words SongLight

About WordLight

WordLight is designed for Windows 10, but will also run on earlier versions of Windows that have been kept up-to-date. It can also run on higher-end Macs using a Windows VM like Virtual Box or Parallels.

Send support or enhancement requests via email to

Training videos:

(Hint: To get the best quality video, open an episode in fullscreen, then use the ‘Settings’ button (bottom right gear icon) to change quality to at least 720p)

1 - Overview (3:57)
A short intro showing all main functionality.

2 - Installing WordLight (2:20)
How to install WL and the initial setup.

3 - Songs (9:47)
Selecting and projecting songs; Stanza and list mode; Paging by stanza or screen

4 - Bible (9:51)
Selecting and projecting scriptures; List and full text mode; Changing Bible version; Using and/or saving scripture lists

5 - Setlists (3:16)
Using the Setlist panel to select songs

6 - Notices (2:04)
Projecting notices; Saving stock notices

7 - Settings and setup (13:29)
Changing fonts, colours and display sizes; Different projection modes; The logo and info panels

8 - Adding and editing songs (9:26)
Adding and editing songs; Adding scores and audio clips; Handling copyright

9 - WordLight and Zoom (9:18)
How to include scriptures, song lyrics and audio in a Zoom meeting

10 - WordLight v2.1.7 Enhancements (7:31)
Projecting with one screen; More display options in Bible reference mode; Audio tracks for songs; New options when adding and editing songs.

11 - WordLight v2.1.9 Enhancements (6:26)
Autosizing text; Downloading scores and audio

12 - WordLight v2.2.5 Enhancements (4:36)
Additional languages; Improved Bible; Better Setlist dividers; etc

13 - WordLight v2.3.3 Enhancements (5:13)
Local versions of songs; Bulk edit

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