Bible Reading Plans

These plans to read the bible are based on reading everything chronologically – as much as is possible.

Sunday School Resources

These are three years of lessons for junior, intermediate and senior Sunday school kids. Including some school holiday options when kids may be in the main meeting. Year 1: Creation, Adam & Eve; Who is Jesus; Salvation; Hebrews 11 Hall of Faith Year 2: Fruits of the Spirit; Parables; Music Year 3: Animals; Story time; […]

SongLight App

SongLight is the digital companion to your Revival Fellowship Chorus Book…

Pamphlets and cards

One Vision has developed this new set of cards and pamphlets, and they are all available free-of-charge to all fellowships in NSW and ACT. They can also be personalised for your fellowship. Order online below and the One Vision team will arrange printing and delivery to you.

Mental Health Resources

The following are resources available to provide both background and ministry for Bible-based counselling of saints with mental health issues.

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