Ministry from our 2017 Christmas Camp at Nowra

17 Dec 2019

Talks and testimonies from the 2017-18 ACT/NSW Christmas camp held at Waterslea near Nowra, NSW.


P Steve Carr Thick fellowship – Belonging and contributing within the family of God 20:35
P Chris Brown Hunting, trapping and snaring – Recognising Satan’s weapons 22:25
P David Sunderland The stringline of scripture – Favourite thoughts from ministry in 2017 17:35
P Michael Nagy Facing giants – A fresh look at David and Goliath, fear and love 26:31
P Michael Till Being God’s garden – Enjoying God’s fruit then being fruitful ourselves 17:12
P Bob Beverley The heart of our father – How important do you think you are, to God? 36:56
P Dan Sunderland Countering self-condemnation– How to stop doing Satan’s work for him 19:11
P Graeme Webster Living the Word – Being refreshed, advised and directed by scripture 23:33
P Andrew Riggs Stirring, stepping, casting – Stir up Christ; Step out even if it’s scary; Cast your net 20:59


P Chris Brown 6:39
P Joe Wiegerinck 7:22
P Michael Till 9:38
Mandi Collett 13:12
P Graeme Webster 15:26