Malachi – The Messenger

23 Oct 2019

Malachi’s reproof to the people of his time is just as relevant to us today. Nehemiah disappointingly found the priests and the people had slipped back into corruption and compromise when he returned to Jerusalem for the second time, sacrificing lame and sick animals instead of their best.

Malachi also records that Jacob fought to obtain the birthright – it meant everything to him – but Esau sold it for worldly satisfaction. So it is today, do we respect God by giving our best, or do we think anything will do? What are we willing to give up to serve God, or do we want to hold on to those things that will cause us to lose our inheritance, our salvation?

Malachi 2:17 says you have wearied the Lord with your words, saying everyone that does evil is good in his sight and he delights in them; or where is the God of judgement?’ John the Baptist was also a messenger, proclaiming the coming of the Lord. Now we have a society that cannot abide the thought of the Lord’s return, but Malachi, prophesying of that fiery day of judgement, says that those that fear his name will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture.