Waking up at Evans Head Christmas camp

16 Jan 2018

This year the theme of the camp was ‘Awake O Israel’. We had many people come from different areas such as Lismore, Adelaide, Ballarat, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. In fact, about twice as many as normal – around 100.

Jade (Age 14):

I had such a blast at camp!

One of the special talks was reminding us to always focus on the Lord and not on the world. Social media and music can be poor influences for us.

The activities were great too. The best thing about camp was that we were right near a beach so we could have fun and games there. Many would have morning swims and late walks. One night a few of us had a walk on the beach at night time. Awesome. I got to meet a nice sister from Adelaide and we surfed nearly every day.

As camp went on some of the young children decided to have prayer and four of them received the Holy Spirit. Including my brother Sam who also got baptised the next day in the river.

All the items were amazing and the sports night was really fun. Plus kids and teens could play which made it extra fun. Soccer was epic as the goals were only about one meter long which was funny as it was super hard to get the ball in.

So I really do recommend Evans head camp 2018! I guess I will see you there!

Isabelle (Age 11):

I think the Evans Head Christmas Camp was very spiritually uplifting. The talks were very good and understandable. It was amazing to encourage a few young girls to have prayer for the Holy Spirit and hear them speak in a new language they had never heard or spoken before.

We had a very good sports night that included volleyball, touch footy, soccer, rugby, pizza and more! I made a lot of new friends as we met up with other brothers and sisters from around Australia.

I think it is an amazing camp to go to. The beach is a two minute walk away and it is not too hot and not too cold. It is really nice when there are some children to play with, considering I don’t have any girls my age in the Lismore Revival Fellowship. I hope we can get some more people in these following years if the Lord tarries.