True Stories

Leonie’s True Story

10 Nov 2021

I grew up being sent to church by my Mother (to Methodist, Anglican, Baptist and Uniting Churches). I loved going and in high school I joined a bible study group. I prayed (at the Baptist church) to ask Jesus to come into my heart and at Billy Graham type outreaches, gave my heart to God. I thought I was right with God by being a good clean living person. But I still felt something was missing…

Six months after I was married, my husband Tim said that at work, he had overheard two men talking about proof of God’s existence. He asked if I would come with him to check out this church.  (My thinking was for him to be saved, because I believed I was already saved).

We were told and shown in our own bible, what we would see and hear in the meeting that day. I’d never heard about the Holy Spirit, tongues and baptism, but there it was in black and white in my own bible. I felt ripped off. I was a church goer all my life – why hadn’t I heard this before? All through the meeting I felt like I had come home and that missing something, was going to be found here. Tim and I agreed that there was definitely something special at this church, we didn’t understand it fully, but would go again.

Two weeks later I was baptised by full immersion. And a further two weeks later I was praying to receive the Holy Spirit. I spoke forth in another language I hadn’t learnt. I knew in that instant that I had done what was expected of me by God, unlike my prior way of following God by my ideas.  That “hole” that “missing something” was also filled. Tim was also baptised and spirit filled.

A year later I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, an incurable disease which is a build up of fluid in the inner ear. When I had an “attack” the whole world spun out of control it affected my balance, ability to walk and ability to function normally. Medication didn’t help and an experimental operation was offered. Instead, I came home and Tim and a church friend prayed a very simple prayer over me, asking God to heal me. From that time onwards I haven’t had another episode, and that was 32 years ago.

I’m grateful for God’s direction in my life and guidance in navigating life’s ups and downs.