True Stories

Jeremaia’s True Story

10 Nov 2021

Above is a photo of Tema and Jeremaia who are members of the Sydney Revival Fellowship.

Tema was baptised and received the Holy Spirit many years ago in Fiji. Her husband Jeremaia observed from a distance but was never motivated to draw close to God. Recently, Jeremaia become seriously ill with COVID-19 and was hospitalised. Another Fijian admitted with COVID-19 in the same ward, died whilst he was there. Jeremaia knowing that he was very sick, started praying to God for the Holy Spirit. For three days he prayed with his wife Tema. God was faithful and true to His word. Jeremaia received the Holy Spirit as God promises and  he spoke in tongues just like in the bible.

He now has peace and is very happy. Jeremaia was baptised on Sunday 24th October. This story shows that God can create good from a bad situation.

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