True Stories

Irvina Walton

5 Oct 2019

I am Chinese-Indonesian and was raised in Indonesia in a Buddhist family. After my 5 year old son died I decided to follow Jesus, because He gave me comfort and strength to get through my grief.

I married a Buddhist and we had a son named Michael. In 1995 my son and husband were seriously injured in a motorbike accident. My son was 5 years at the time and was unconscious in ICU for 6 days. A day before Michael passed away my eldest sister, who is a Catholic, advised me to baptize my son. She said that Jesus is our saviour and if something happened to Michael at least he had Jesus to save him. It made me question my beliefs and want to know about God. After Michael died, I decided to follow Jesus, because He gave me comfort and strength to somehow get through my grief.

Over the next two and a half years I was blessed with 2 more sons. I was baptised in 1996 into the Catholic Church and after a year of study I became a Catholic. I was very active in the church and became a Sunday school teacher and member of the choir. I did an evangelist course, bible study and became involved with the charismatic movement as well. I questioned baptism with my teachers and asked why they only sprinkle with water when bible says, “come out from the water”.

I was spirit filled in 2000. I didn’t understand how to use it however, and felt strange when I spoke in tongues. My husband was abusive and involved in drugs. When my children were 2 and 3 years old, he left us without any support. I couldn’t deal with all my life’s dilemmas without Jesus. It wasn’t easy as a single mum to raise two toddlers and working. But God always made a way even though as a human we think there’s no way.

In 2008 I moved to Australia and met my current husband Robert online. He told me the full gospel. He told me about the need to be baptised fully emerged in water, and to speak in tongues as the sign that you’ve received the Holy Spirit. We talked a lot about the bible. I started going to meetings and decided to get baptised when I visited Robert in Alice Springs and the next day I spoke in tongues.

We married in 2009. We have trials and tribulations in our lives but with God everything is a lot easier. I have two lovely grown-up boys now, aged 20 & 21 years old. They are not yet spirit filled, but I pray for them always. I have a good husband, a good life, a good job and good health although I am carrying a faulty genetic gene called Lynch Syndrome. I lost my dad, my only brother and youngest sister to bowel cancer and I’ve been tested to prevent this from happening to me. Everything I believe is not coincidental. God has blessed me and I can ask God anything in prayer. He provides me with things I never though possible and I am so grateful and I can’t thank him enough, my mighty LORD, Amen.