True Stories

Healed from Meniere’s Syndrome

11 Sep 2019

When I had my first attack of Meniere’s in the late 1990’s my life spun out of control – it was like being on a roller coaster but being unable to get off. I often had vertigo and medication only worked to a limited extent. I suffered constant dizziness, hyper-sensitivity to amplified sounds, a sensation of falling over, and being confused in crowded situations.

There were also been occasions when vertigo made it impossible for me to go to meetings without musician’s earplugs. My vision would occasionally be distorted and solid objects would look bent affecting my coordination. I am sure that over that time the Lord’s protective hand was on me constantly as I did not have any injuries apart from bruising and I was able to continue my work as a high school teacher. There were many times when I felt frustrated and only gained comfort through prayer.

In the prayer line at the Sydney Convention in 2003 I received a wonderful healing from the many symptoms of Meniere’s syndrome. I felt a strong tingling all over my body, and my ears felt as though they were about to explode. I took out the earplugs and, despite the high level of noise at the Sydney Town Hall, I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the meeting with a clear head.

Since then I feel as though my life has started afresh and it is such a pleasure to be able to see clearly. I have learned just how debilitating it is when a member of the body, like the inner ear, is not functioning properly and most of all how the Lord is truly my best friend especially in the most desperate circumstances.

I have learned to rest in the Lord and wait patiently (Ps. 37:7). I can truly praise the Lord for His wonderful protection and freeing me from the constraints of this condition through His wonderful healing power.