True Stories

Food Allergy Healed!

28 Jul 2022

I have had a gluten allergy for as long as I can remember. I would get really sick whenever I ate it – horrible abdominal cramps, nausea, passing out – even rashes and body aches. Just horrible! So I avoided it at all costs.

I had been doing this since I was about 15 when I found out that it was in fact gluten that was making me sick, but it meant that I missed out a lot and it made social events awkward at times.

I had heard testimonies of people being healed from allergies, but had never really considered praying for a healing myself. I think I was too scared to take the leap of faith, so I just kind of accepted that this was my plight!

I was speaking about this with my Dad one day and he said that he has prayed that I would be healed every morning for about 3 years. That blew my mind. He had been quietly and faithfully praying for me, while I hadn’t even prayed for myself. I felt like I had his support and was inspired by his faith.

I mentioned this to a sister from Sydney at a camp earlier this year, and she encouraged me to take the plunge and eat some gluten. She said that I was already healed, I just needed to claim it.

I thought about this and decided to put it to the Lord at the upcoming prayer and fast. It just so happened that there was ministry about asking for and accepting healing at the meeting. The speaker said that we have a tendency as humans to try and pick healing apart with our human way of thinking, which doesn’t work because healings are not of us, but of God. This made me realise the hesitation I was feeling was my own mind trying to rationalise the situation – I needed to just let go and let God do his thing.

So, that evening when we all broke fast together, there was bread (the fluffy, beautiful, glutinous kind!) and pasta on my plate. I (still a little nervously) ate it all, and didn’t feel a single thing. I was healed!

I have since been able to eat whatever I like, and each meal is a reminder that I have experienced a miracle. When I remember the pain I experienced, and the fear it caused in me, I feel incredibly grateful to know the Lord and that He heals!


Jess, Central Coast NSW