True Stories

Evelyn’s story

22 Mar 2021

God revealed Himself to me at a low point in my life. During this time, I questioned the purpose of life and if He even existed.

Bilingual version (Chinese and English) of Evelyn’s story available here.

This re-evaluation of life followed a change in circumstances. I was a first-time mother with a baby and together with my husband, had relocated overseas for work. I was out of my comfort zone and trying to adjust without my family and circle of friends.

The catalyst for the search to know God for Himself, and not through man’s religious rules followed my going to the confessional in the Catholic Church and being told that due to a technicality (that we had not been married in the Catholic Church) my sins could not be forgiven.

It was at a pentecostal meeting shortly after that God filled me with the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, as described in the Bible (Mark 16:16-17).

From that moment, I knew that God was real, and all that Jesus went through was real, and my sins had indeed been forgiven, through His act of mercy on the cross.

I had attended a meeting previously and was amazed that these people could speak to God and He answered them.

Through my baptism of the Holy Spirit, I too had access to God and could now understand the truths and promises, written in the Bible.

It was not until we relocated to yet another country that I heard the full gospel preached – that I needed to be “born” of both water and spirit (John 3:5). I was subsequently water-baptised by full immersion.

Over the past 29 years, I couldn’t have lived without the Lord – He has helped me through life’s twists and turns, and the lows of serious illness.

I know the Lord is ever merciful and faithful. I just need to continue in His ways and overcome life’s challenges until His return, which is revealed in the bible (1 Thess 4: 16-17).

For a chinese version of Evelyn’s story click here.