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Brad – Healed from Depression

11 Nov 2019

I thought I would never be free from that dark cloud. But I was! The Lord healed me.

From my late teens into my late twenties I struggled with depression and anxiety. At first I didn’t understand what I was experiencing. I knew I was being overcome by emotions and that I was struggling in my mind. At times I would hit rock bottom and suicidal thoughts would pursue me for days. At other times I would just struggle in silence – feeling numb, unhappy, carrying a tonne of hurt and unable to tell anyone about it.

But I knew there was a God. There had to be. Otherwise what was the point of it all? So in my early twenties I started searching for Him. I journeyed through many religions, and many “Christian” churches. One day I came across the Revival Fellowship, and there I was shown in the Bible that I needed to be ‘born again’. So I did as the scripture said and got baptised in full immersion and I prayed for the Holy Spirit. When I received the Holy Spirit I spoke in a new language, which was a sign to me. From then on my life changed fundamentally. However, I still had my depression, and I didn’t know what to do about it.

As the years went on, I realised I had to stop hiding my depression, and that I needed to share my struggle. So I did. I was open and honest about it with my friends and family.  As soon as I opened up about my struggle they all started praying for me – and then something amazing happened. The Lord started moving in my life and within the space of 5 months my heart was transformed. The dark cloud that I thought I would never be free from – well, I was freed from it! I thought freedom was impossible. It seemed too hard and too big –  it seemed too good for me. But the Lord healed me. And not only that, the Lord showed me that HE IS REAL.

I now know that the Lord is coming back for me. And I know that He has already set me free. I can’t thank Him enough for the amazing life I now live. I have a beautiful wife and two children, wonderful provisions, and I’m part of an amazing church where the power of God is real, and expected.

Praise the Lord!

Brad Flood (Central Coast)

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