True Stories

Amanda’s True Story

26 Oct 2020

God has always been in my life. I grew up coming to this church, the Revival Fellowship, believing in God and the teachings in the bible.

As a young girl I prayed to receive the Holy Spirit. One night when I was 8 years old, praying with my Dad and sister, my tongue changed and I knew I had received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues as the bible says would happen. I was then baptised by full immersion. The whole thing was a quiet, simple experience for me. This personal relationship I have with God, is why I still believe.

As I have grown and more has happened in my life I have been so grateful for an upbringing in the knowledge and understanding of God and His promises. I know I have someone standing beside me through everything. This has made going through some harder times so much easier to handle. My heart was broken when my marriage ended, and I thought I would never be a joyful, happy person again but the Lord has completely healed my heart and I am so happy, always laughing and having a great time in life.

God’s power and blessing has been evident in my life in so many ways both big and small. I have had healings, provisions, comfort, guidance, protection and so much more already in my life. More recently, last year I was on a skiing holiday in NZ and I tore my ACL. While it cut my holiday short and I needed to come home early and figure out what was the next step, I had no real pain with the injury.  I was praying a lot about the injury. I asked to not be in pain and not to be restricted by it. The doctors advised that I should have surgery to fix the injury. I was then placed on a waiting list but while waiting for surgery I was unhindered by the injury. I had the operation in February this year. I recovered really quickly and again am back to normal activities and surfing.

I am so grateful that God is true and real in my life.