True Stories

A Foundation for Life

11 Sep 2019

I always believed there was a God, but I was seeking something more than just going to church on Sunday – I was seeking a personal experience.

So in my early teens, I decided to not go to church any more.  But I never stopped believing and didn’t stop seeking that confirmation that there was a God.

Many years later, my friend came along to this fellowship.  I remember talking to her and saying that I was so worried about nuclear war and my friend said ‘that’s nothing to worry about’.  I couldn’t believe that she could not be afraid. I rang her later that day and she told me that I could have a personal experience and that I needed to be baptised by full immersion, which got me thinking.

I went with her to a meeting that Sunday – I really wanted to hear speaking in tongues.  I was just blown away by hearing it.

Afterwards, I saw someone being baptised by full immersion and they came up out of the water speaking in tongues. This amazed me and I decided to get baptised, even though I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into!  But I felt like I was doing the right thing.

Later, I was praying at home, and I had to get over the worry about how my family would react – but when I decided that I wouldn’t let this stand between me and the Lord, I received the Holy Spirit shortly after and started praying in tongues.

I started to realise that the creator of the universe was moving in my life.  After I received the Holy Spirit – afterwards it was like everything in my life was in colour and before my life had been in black and white.  It was so amazing.

The Lord is always there – sometimes we get distracted, but He never gets distracted with us and is a patient father.  He knows our mind and that we battle with the flesh and He is always constant and is there to answer us and is there as our foundation.

I wouldn’t have my life founded on anything else.  I know that all the things I looked into were all leading me to the point where I got to know Him.

My desire is to keep strong, walking with Him and not be distracted by the world around us, but everyday to put Him first and to be that mouthpiece for Him.