Teens Camp 2019

13 Aug 2019

After more teens’ camps than I care to count, I’ve never been to one where I haven’t laughed a lot, cried a bit but most of all been inspired.

Watching our young people minister to one another with so much love, honesty and care gives me a real hope for our future as a church.

The other source of inspiration for me is all the leaders who give up their time for a week to serve at a teens’ camp. The days are long, the challenges are certainly there, but so is the Lord and He is what inspires them to give so much of themselves to our teens.

Each year I attend, the harder it is to explain what I get out of it. I can’t put into words what I see in our young people at camp. I’d love everyone to get the chance to see why they inspire me because words just don’t do justice to the experience.

Take a look at some of the photos from Teens’ Camp 2019 below.

by Chris Stack (Canberra)