Teens Camp 2018

5 Oct 2018

“Once a time a year, boys and girls between year 7 and year 12 gather together for the great event we call Teens Camp. Having grown up going to Kids and Teens Camps, it has always been an ambition to become a helper “when I was older”. This year I completed my goal, and boy was it an adventure of a lifetime…”

‘The term ‘Adventure’ is short for being physically exhausted but spiritually on fire.’*

This years NSW Camp was located at Fitzroy Falls; a beautiful site with ample accommodation, surrounded by trees, green fields and high ropes courses.

I was given the role of Assistant Team Leader as well as Photographer. I am not a professional photographer in any way, but I didn’t need any special skill to be able to capture the joy and fun the teens were having from the get go.

‘No matter whether you were a teen or a helper, it was a truly uplifting week.’*

This teens camp had a few different aspects to it, other than being in a new location. Instead of going on a dawn walk to the beach as in past years, the teens walked through the forest to a wooden chapel. Inside was beautiful with the fairy lights illuminating the inside, and acoustically amazing when everyone started singing the choruses.

‘A joyful noise it was!’*

One of the challenges given to the teams was to record and produce a short ad to promote the camp and incorporate this years theme, “Who are you, who are we and who am I”. This had not been done in past years and was quite a challenge, but despite the difficulties (like accidentally deleting the whole edited movie just before handing it in) each team’s ad astounded the judging activity leaders and gave everyone a good laugh.

Because the camps facilities included a high ropes course, a leap of faith jump and a flying fox, the teens had a ball facing their fears by climbing, jumping and flying. They used these activities to record each other taking the leap of faith (“it was really high!”) and gliding on the flying fox.

‘It was awesome seeing all the teens and helpers get involved and work together in the ropes challenges’*

The Olympic march past and gala night are always highlights of teens camp with teens stepping up to the challenges of these events with colour, energy and plenty of noise. This year was no exception with the teens making their own Olympic t shirts in bright colours to match their bold chants and choreography. It was truly spectacular.

The theme of the camp, “who are you, who are we, who am I” led to plenty of learning about our own identity in the body of Christ.

In the girls night, we learned about supporting one another as sisters in Christ and finished on beautiful notes of singing. To see the girls growing up with the Spirit working with them, it was truly amazing to hear them all sing together, like a chorus of Angels.

The boys certainly knew how to get the most out of cabin space by cramming all into one cabin for an amazing evening of devotions, which resulted in some boys receiving the Holy Spirit. Well worth giving up a bit of elbowroom, I’m sure!

The family that the teens become is a truly inspiring one. They are young adults, growing up, sharing testimonies, encouraging each other, stepping out in faith, having a laugh and causing them too.

Some priceless sayings were, “I love old technology” after one of the girls discovered how to use a Pianola. Another was “turns out you can laugh, cry and pray at the same time!”

All teens camp have a similarity to them, but each year has its own unique feel and this years was particularly spiritual with prayer being a favourite activity throughout.

When the camp finishes, we are usually all called up when it’s time for testimonies to give a gem from camp. Something little that made our camp that much more special. Many years past, the food is always mentioned as a gem. But despite the food being as fantastic as ever, the teens and helpers gems focused more on the spiritual side. Watching and hearing the amount of teens who received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues was unbeatable.

So on behalf of the all the teens, we’d like to say thank you to everyone who helped create this wonderful time and especially thank One Vision for your support. You all helped the smiles and life long friendships take place at the NSW Revival Fellowship Teens Camp of 2018.

By Jadzia Robbins (Canberra)

*Quotes by Monte, team leader for Troas.