Tahlee Summer Camp highlights

5 Feb 2021

We were very fortunate to be able to proceed with Tahlee Summer Camp in January this year. 

Although it looked a little different this year (smaller numbers, social distancing measures and mask wearing) Tahlee Summer Camp was as good as it gets!

We had four baptisms this year, which was a big highlight. Four young people who had received the Holy Spirit during the year, decided to follow the bible instruction and get baptised by full immersion. It was very exciting. 

The ministry was blessed, as usual. There were so many encouraging thoughts to take away with us.

Sam O’Shea from Newcastle fellowship gave a convincing sales pitch on his favourite mozzy-repelling device – the Thermacell! And then likened his passion and zeal for telling people about it, to the passion and zeal we should have about the Holy Spirit and Jesus. When we love something that we know will help others, we just want to tell them about it! 

We were reminded that God is not a man that he would lie. If God says he’ll do something then he will do it. (Numbers 23:19) So get stuck into those scriptures. Read and believe all those statements and promises that are true and cannot be reversed. No matter what our situation God says we are blessed. 

We were also reminded to stay inside the herd (in the middle of the fellowship) and not on the edges where we can be picked off by an enemy.   

There were so many more great thoughts and testimonies. Unfortunately just too many to list in one article.

We are already looking forward to Tahlee Summer Camp 2022!

by Wendy Campbell (Central Coast)