Tahlee Summer Camp 2024

24 Jan 2024

Spoiler alert – You don’t really go to Tahlee Summer Camp for the architecture or creature comforts.

For the soul though, our time together is always rich and refreshing. 2024 was no exception.

Every camp has its own culture. At Tahlee, the pace is intentionally relaxed, it’s something we all really love.

For most, the day starts at 8am with prayer together in the hall.

Some were up much earlier, watching the spectacular sunrise from the wharf or joining the ever-growing run-club to sweat it out each morning.

A group of over 130 people filled the camp this year with fellowships represented from the Sunshine Coast down to Melbourne and most places in between.

Visitors from so many locations provided us with a wonderful variety of contributors, sharing thoughts from the scriptures, open and heartfelt testimonies, uplifting songs and, in the evenings, performances from the sublime to the… well you get the idea.

For two of our young sisters, this camp will be one to remember. Surrounded by their spiritual family, they were baptised in water, having already received the Holy Spirit. What a time and place to start their new life with God!

Everyone contributed, from young to old(er) making it a week to remember. Like me, I’m sure others who were there are still drawing from the encouraging ministry and recalling testimonies that they will never forget.

God’s beautiful creation surrounds you at Tahlee, it really is a special place to rest and relax with the family of God.

See you next year!