Tahlee Summer Camp 2023

17 Mar 2023

Although lower in number than other years, Tahlee 2023 was still high on exceptional ministry, quality fellowship, ruthless board gaming and unpredictable (some might even call it irrational) weather. The regular morning prayer meetings set the scene for relaxed but spiritually-focussed days, and lots of great conversations were had over cups of coffee or down by the pool.
Local talent was also on display in the evening meetings. One highlight was the comedy routine brought to us by some of the younger lads. Here’s one of their better jokes: “Why did the chicken cross the road? To see the man laying bricks”. You’re welcome.
– Katherine, Central Coast

We made it to Tahlee Camp for the last half this year, sooo glad we decided to squeeze two holidays back to back! Loved the ministry, the crazy weather, games and quality time with the saints. Short but so sweet again this year, with one of our daughters and some of the coast kids receiving the Holy Spirit! Best start to 2023!
– Nelleka, Central Coast