Sydney’s Recent Revival

26 May 2019
Since June 2018, we’ve seen a wonderful revival take place in Sydney. This has been mostly within the local Fijian community here. It began last year when Jerry, a leader from the Suva fellowship, arrived in Sydney for the NSW Rally. He prayed with 2 ladies (a niece & her auntie) who received the Holy Spirit late one night. They then asked to be promptly baptised in the Parramatta River – in the middle of winter! The niece received an amazing healing shortly afterwards. From those two ladies the word started to spread within the Fijian community. In that month or so, nine people were baptised and/or Spirit-filled.

We saw a wave of people coming into the fellowship. Most of these people came out of their old church, were baptised in water, filled with the Holy Spirit and began a new life with the Lord. A further 13 people were baptised and/or Spirit-filled.

A Fijian lady named Adi (pronounced “Andy”) was baptised. She had received the Holy Spirit many years before but had never been baptised. She was also in a de-facto relationship but now wanted to live a Godly life.

We began 2019 with the two-week “Daniel Fast”, where we prayed for the work of the Lord in Sydney. We invited Jerry and his wife Esita back to Sydney to help us again with the work. An Estonian man came along and was baptised after seeing our website.

Adi, our new Fijian lady then brought her step-son to a meeting, where he was baptised and received the Holy Spirit. We then prayed for Adi’s partner George who received the Holy Spirit in his lounge room. The following Sunday George and another three people got baptised. Adi’s daughter Lucy received the Holy Spirit and got baptised 2 weeks later. Adi and George are now planning to be married – which will be our first wedding for the year.

We baptised a man who was a pastor in another church. He told me that he loves the clarity of the doctrine taught in the Revival Fellowship. It is so good to be reminded about what we are blessed with in our fellowship. We also arranged for a lady in a nursing home to be baptised, just one week before she died. During this last six weeks we’ve seen 16 people baptised and/or Spirit-filled.

The lesson I’ve learnt from this recent revival is to simply speak the word to anyone who’s willing to listen. The Lord has clearly prepared the hearts of the people to receive His word and it’s very exciting to be involved when the growth comes. The other lesson I’ve learnt is that our new brothers and sisters need ongoing fellowship and ministry – to help them continue in the Lord’s ways. Most of the new brethren live near each other, so the house-meeting has become their “village”. We know the saying, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, and our village (our fellowship) must do its part – and that’s you and me.

God bless,
Pastor Andrew (Sydney)