Sydney Revival

21 Jan 2020

‚ÄčOver the past 18 months, the Sydney fellowship has seen some unprecedented growth with approximately 65 people baptised and/or Spirit-filled. This revival is extremely encouraging to both the Sydney fellowship, and to all those observing from a distance.

The increase has come predominantly from within the Fijian community, and includes people from Tonga, Cook Islands, Lithuania and Australia. We have also witnessed a number of people from other Pentecostal groups come and join the fellowship and support the work of the Lord here in Sydney.

In response to this growth, we have started a midweek meeting at the Granville Library on Tuesday evenings which has been a wonderful blessing.

These are exciting times as we see the Lord pouring out His Spirit in anticipation of His soon return. We look forward to God continuing to bless our efforts as we faithfully proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom to those roundabout us.

Pastor Andrew Riggs (Sydney)