Summer Camp

6 Apr 2023

Shirl and I went to Adelaide Christmas Camp this year and caught up with so many friends.

We had an inkling it was going to be special but I had no idea how good it was going to be!

One thing stood out loud and clear. Everyone I had fellowship with had some kind of hardship, trial or difficulty but the thing that stood out was they were all OVERCOMERS!

The meetings, songs, items, laughter and joy we had with them was truly fantastic, but one of the best times I had was New Years Eve in the kitchen with Bec, Stef, Cindy and the team preparing a banquet for 1400 people. 

Everybody there had a purpose to serve the Lord, and they did it with a lot of laughter. It was soooo good, we loved it.

God Bless, Dave, Central Coast