Soul Sistas 2023

17 Mar 2023

Soul Sistas is an annual mentoring retreat weekend where women from the Revival Fellowship gather to reconnect, renew and relax.

We meet at Attunga in the lush bushland of Canyonleigh, NSW where the views are amazing and we encourage each other and laugh together! The weekend is a gentle introduction to our fellowship and great for visitors to attend and witness the organic testimonies that shine through our beautiful sisters. There is plenty of humour and competitive activities that result in dirty clothes and the occasional capsized canoe!

The weekend retreat focuses on mentoring between age groups (any female 14 years and older is invited to attend) and is founded on the scriptures from Titus 2v3-5 : older women teaching and encouraging the younger. Soul Sistas celebrated its 18th camp and we reflected on the courageous women in the bible and those around us in our fellowships.

The much anticipated dress up night did not disappoint with our ‘Vikings’ theme and much laughter ensued… I encourage you to join us next time, but if you missed out there is opportunity for you to join our QLD Soul Sistas for their camp on 21-23 July at Mount Tamborine.