Raising Kids in Christ – seminar report

1 Nov 2017

 Last March in Canberra, then August in Sydney, Vision 20 supported a full day seminar on ‘Raising Kids in Christ’. Both sessions were really well attended and provided great encouragement to parents and others who wanted to learn more about raising their kids.

The focus was not on just our kids becoming great adults, but encouraging them to love, honour and follow God. It was much more than a parenting seminar, sharing practical advice with scriptural principles.

‘I really enjoyed Raising kids in Christ, it was very beneficial for me. Being a young Mum in the Lord for just the last year, all I now want to do is raise my son in the ways of Christ. I liked hearing all the topics and personal experiences that the Lord has guided and helped others with.

The day was all scripturally based and I truly felt blessed to be there and to feel a part of a family that are all doing their best to raise their kids in Christ. I recommend all parents to come along to the next one as it is very uplifting.’

Trez, Wollongong

We may do a followup next year to reinforce and include more content we didn’t have a chance to cover last time. Drop us an email if you’d like to see that – and what you’d like to see covered.