Online meetings

23 Mar 2020

(Updated Thu 9-Apr)

Note: To get the password for a Zoom meeting, private message or call someone you know in that fellowship.

When, where and how

7:45 for 8pm Sydney house-meeting Zoom meeting (ID 960 752 033)
7:30pm Canberra Northside house-meeting Zoom meeting (ID 714 823 0598)
7:30pm Canberra Southside house-meeting  Zoom meeting (ID 596 060 8736)

10:30am Canberra combined Zoom meeting (ID 714 823 0598); Youtube livestream
10:30am Hunter/Newcastle Youtube livestream
10:30am Wagga Zoom meeting (ID 272 315 897)
11:00am Sydney Zoom meeting (ID 960 752 033)
1:30pm Lismore Zoom meeting (ID 491 471 877)

Hints for Zoom meetings

  • While connecting, type the names of the people that will be in the room (nicknames and phone names are really boring!). You can also change your name during a call on a computer.
  • We love to see each other, so turn your video on and have some decent lighting in your room.
  • Explore the options at the bottom of the screen for turning audio and video on/off and chatting.
  • Try switching between speaker view (the person speaking is in a large window) and Gallery view (you can see more people).
  • If you need to communicate or request prayer during the meeting, use the ‘chat’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Enjoy the fellowship and hang around after a meeting for a chat.

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