NYC 2022 : Connected

13 Sep 2022

More than 100 young people from Revival Fellowship around Australia spent their long weekend in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast for the annual National Youngies Camp. Here, youth from NSW, QLD, SA, NT, WA and even America came to connect with each other, connect with God, and connect with the Bible. This year’s theme of ‘connected’ was fitting considering the last two camps had been cancelled or via an online/local hub situation, meaning it was the first camp in a while where we got to see each other to be uplifted.

This year we heard workshops on how to search out answers in the bible and the struggles of growing up in the church but not growing up in the Lord, ultimately helping us to ‘adult’ better as spirit-filled Christians. The talks were by young men from all over Australia and prompted us to think about how amazing God’s power is, how loving God is serving God, how to connect to Christ, and how God says we are worthy. This camp was filled with amazing testimonies including being healed of Coeliacs disease, the blessings God gives you daily to create the blessed life we have, the journey to choosing God because you want to not because your parents have told you to. It really was an opportunity to connect and share God’s goodness.

Talks and testimonies can be found under the Spotify artist RF Youngies Camps – they are 100% worth your while!