My corner of the vineyard – South Canberra

4 Feb 2021

It’s such a blessing to be breathing fresh air in January 2021 after Canberrans could barely see through the smoke haze this time last year. February 2020 saw the North and Southside fellowships come together to run a “Fete for Fires” event, enticing passers-by to have their face painted, jump in a jumping castle and enjoy the food, art and craft on offer. It was a great outreach as well as a successful fundraiser for local charities.

Technology has broadened our horizons over the past year or so. Not only did we get together online with brothers and sisters in our own fellowship during those days of isolation, but we’ve also done some virtual travelling to other assemblies, joined in with virtual camp activities and interacted with our New South Wales brothers and sisters during the Wednesday United online events.

We said our final goodbyes to two treasured brothers during 2020 – Pietro (Peter) Penelope who was a member of our fellowship for 60 years and Tim Crockford who together with his wife Brea touched the lives of so many with care and compassion.

We also welcomed Graham & Karen Webster to our fellowship who recently moved to Canberra and have taken over as live-in caretakers at the Southside hall after Alan & Paula Lowe moved out of the hall after many years of faithful service.

With the easing of restrictions in the ACT, planning ramped up so we could stage the radio play The Strongman’s Riddle again during November. The actors were able to get together to rehearse, the Southside hall was decorated to resemble Delilah’s Diner and the food – there’s always the delight of partaking of theme-appropriate food at this event.  It is a great way to introduce friends and family to our fellowship and the testimony of the saints.

We had a busy end to the year with a COVID safe wedding and also an engagement!

Adaptable would have to be the word of the year for 2020. Those with a passion for Christmas camp took it upon themselves to organise a calendar of events during December and called it Camp at Home. There were many opportunities to fellowship without having to leave the ACT. To round things off, we gathered at the Southside Hall to fellowship, pray and sing choruses around the fire – a great way to bring in 2021.

by Kate Reid