My corner of the vineyard – Goulburn

11 Mar 2019

​The Goulburn Revival Fellowship is celebrating its 40th year of operation in Goulburn. The assembly started in March 1979 and is still going strong today – ready for another 40 years of Revival!

In our first full year of operation we had 104 people baptised and in 1982 managed to build the wonderful hall we are still enjoying today.

We have had many amazing testimonies of healing, protection, provision and deliverance from drugs over the years.

We have added a Sunday School building plus a tennis and basketball court. A few years ago we extended the main hall with a much larger kitchen and Fellowship dining room.

To celebrate our 40th year we have been running newspaper ads and 45 second radio ads. We were delighted with a new family coming along after hearing our ads.

We have been running simple pot luck Saturday dinner nights once a month and they have been extremely popular.

‘Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and Forever’ This is our ongoing message until the Lord returns.

Your most welcome to visit us any time. Our Sunday communion meeting is at 10.30am, 34 River St Goulburn.

Garry Hall