My corner of the vineyard – Goulburn fellowship

26 Oct 2020

It has definitely been an interesting year for everyone – I mean who had heard of Zoom before 2020? Praise the Lord it has been available to get us through this incredibly dark period.

The Goulburn Fellowship (some of us who are a little past it technologically, and in our 70s and 80s) have risen to the challenge, learnt how to use the new gadgets that Pastor Craig set up, with the help of Kathy and Jamie, and even learnt to fellowship through this brand new way of communication.

I won’t lie, I think all of us found meetings through Zoom a bit of a challenge to begin with. The first meeting we had to scramble for communion! Imagine this not being provided – just goes to show how “used” to things some of us had become.

It has also shown us how much we took our hall for granted. As a result of this hall that was designed so well by Pastor Bob way back at the start of the work in Goulburn, we were able to get back to regular Sunday meetings fairly quickly in our carefully spaced areas that Pastor Craig and Sam set out.

The Ministry we have heard this year has been really exciting – Wednesday nights are now being run by our younger team, consisting of Benjamin and Nathan Wilson, Richard Brown and Levi Peterson. We are hearing great and encouraging thoughts bringing further aspects of God’s word which never grows old or dull.

Not only has 2020 made us appreciate what we have and made us closer as a fellowship, we have seen growth in our ranks. A brand new saint (Brett) was baptised and spirit filled in September. He was referred to Kathy when he was talking to a friend about his situation and was told that she could help. Praise the Lord – what a fantastic testimony.┬áNo doubt you’ll hear more about Brett’s testimony at a later time. In addition, we had an online visitor to a few meetings who has now attended her first meeting in Canberra just last weekend.

Also (very excitingly), we have another new addition – a little younger and a touch more handsome than our esteemed Pastor, is little Jayden Alexander Peterson – born on 9 October (3.35kg) to proud parents Andria and Charlie Peterson.

The Goulburn assembly is as strong and on fire as ever, backed by a great leadership team – Pastor Craig, Garry, Allan, Ross and Fred (as well as our emerging, younger ministry crew).

Once all the travel restrictions are lifted, Goulburn would love to have visitors again!

by Lisa Judd