My corner of the Vineyard – Coffs Harbour

24 Jun 2018

The Revival Fellowship at Coffs Harbour has been going for several decades, filling a need for a centre between Sydney and Brisbane. The whole Coffs Coast is a lovely, usually sunny region with Coffs Harbour the central hub. Due to its location between Sydney and Brisbane, and its climate and gorgeous beaches, Coffs is a popular holiday destination as well as a great place to retire.

A long time ago some wag dubbed Coffs assembly “God’s Waiting Room”, however there are now many more folk other than contented retirees, with young families in the mix and some of our little ones grown up into great young people. Growth is slow, but several newbies have come to us over the past few months. We do get quite a few inter-fellowship visitors and would love to see all of you at one time or another.

Our fellowship has a relaxed feel to it, with both our pastors being quite ‘laid back’ but also very caring. Our younger Pastor, Joe is a strong supporter of inter-fellowship youth activities such as camps. Our choruses are always great with good musicians supporting very enthusiastic singing. Our people are very involved and supportive and we have a wide variety of ministry.

Henry Smit, Coffs Harbour Revival Fellowship