Highlights from NYC18

22 Jun 2018

National Youngies Camp (NYC) has come and gone for another year. The saying goes every year, “This year was the best NYC yet,” and it really was. Sometimes we underestimate what a huge blessing it is to come together to a camp full of like-minded, Spirit-filled people.

This year was a massive eye opener for me for two reasons. Firstly, I learnt a lot from the workshop about our walk with God being like a tap.

The tap is composed of two parts: water, symbolised by the Holy Spirit which is always flowing, and the tap, symbolising us as individuals. Our walk and how connected we are with God, all depends on our tap being open and closed.

To pray and read the word is like opening this tap. To listen to unedifying music is like closing the tap. And just how open or closed our tap is, depends on us.

Secondly, I learnt not to underestimate the power of the prayer-line.

I have dealt with mental illness for quite some years now, and had come to the conclusion recently that I didn’t really need to go to the prayer-line because the Lord already knows what’s going on. But during NYC, I heard a talk on mental illness by Josh Miller (edited audio here), and how it can really impact our lives and our health.

Then when it came time for the prayer-line at that meeting, I was moved by the Holy Spirit and felt an incredible need to go out the front for prayer.

The person who prayed over me had no idea what I wanted to pray about because I got quite emotional and couldn’t get the words out. I was absolutely stunned when I heard the words of their prayer for me, because it was exactly what I needed to ask, which I knew could only be the Lord.

So Praise the Lord for these awesome weekends, and this family of God!

Brie Nugent (Hunter Valley Revival Fellowship)