From Sydney to South Coast NSW

10 Nov 2021

‘If the lord goes before us, we’ll just follow’

This was at the centre of our prayer when we were considering leaving Sydney to move to the NSW South Coast. We just believed that God would guide us and make it clear, and that our move would be blessed.

We have been very happy in the Sydney fellowship for the last 11 years and we are grateful to them, for all the wonderful ministry and fellowship. A desire to be with family at Batemans Bay, was also something we committed to God, especially after my Dad passed away. COVID saw work come to a halt in Sydney, so then the door opened for our departure.

Moving to the South Coast has been a great blessing as we have been united in our family with the greatest love and joy: naturally and in our wonderful experience in our faith. We are so blessed to share the same understanding of the gospel with family, and that brings a very deep peace and joy. We fellowship together most days and it’s been wonderful.

As we seek the Lord’s will, the blessings have extended beyond our family, to the South Coast Fellowship and we are excited to be part of this very happy and blessed little church. We are few in number, but mighty in the spirit, and we love the close fellowship. We also enjoy great music together, singing and praising the Lord, and that is another joy.

It has been really nice to keep in close contact with our dear Sydney fellowship with some zoom meetings, especially the Wednesday United meetings. The Holy Spirit inside us is a bond that this world can’t touch, and we thank the Lord for that.

We know that wherever the Lord leads us we’ll be happiest, as we serve a mighty God who cares about every aspect of our lives. This brings us peace, joy and love.

Don and Joanne Steel