Evans Head Easter Camp 2019

30 May 2019

“They just seem get better and better” was a comment heard at the end of our recent Easter Camp at Evans Head. A sentiment that I can heartily agree with.

Easter Camp 2019 was not our largest ever, but it was very memorable for its simplicity, its ministry, the fellowship it provided, and the ‘unity of the Spirit’ enjoyed by those who were able attend.

Once again we were treated to numerous uplifting talks and testimonies for our spiritual food coupled with great performances,  fellowship games to entertain us, and café times to enjoy personal fellowship with our brethren.

Visiting ministry was provided by Pastor Graeme Hazeldine, senior pastor of the Elizabeth Fellowship. Pastor Graeme was accompanied by his wife Maureen and their visit was very much welcomed by all. Pastor Graeme brought three superb presentations during the camp which really added to our spiritual nourishment and his ministry was much appreciated. Our sister Maureen brought her magnificent testimony and also provided us with some background of the early days of the fellowship. (I trust we will be able to continue to attract visiting ministry from other areas to our camps in the future. I’m totally convinced of the benefits of building and maintaining valuable links between the different areas of the work… it’s priceless.)

Sunday saw an influx of day visitors from the Gold Coast fellowship join us, swelling our numbers for the communion meeting and the days fellowship that followed. Their attendance certainly added to our blessing and their desire to be a part of our camp for the day was enjoyed by all.


I’ve mentioned simplicity as an aspect of this years camp. We decided to not make such a production of the audio and lights etc. this year, determining to keep things very simple. A basic PA setup was chosen with our music being provided by acoustic guitars and Cajon (beat box) for rhythm. This decision turned out to be a ‘master stroke’ of blessing as it allowed for the voices of the congregation to be very clearly heard which was absolutely wonderful and very uplifting to be a part of.

Evans Head camps have been running for 36 years now and prior to this years camp I had wondered if our Easter Camp had run its course, as our bookings were considerably down on previous years. However, I came away from camp with a renewed commitment to ensure that we continue to provide the opportunity for blessing, renewal, strengthening and vision-clearing for any who are able to make their way to camp for as long as we are able.

Pastor Peter Miller (Lismore Revival Fellowship)