Evans Head Christmas Camp 2020

5 Feb 2021

Evans Head Christmas Camp has been running for 35 years now. And this year was yet another wonderful camp! 

The camp is now located on the outside of Evans Head. The camp consists of a hall, dormitories, cabins, a camp kitchen area, powered and unpowered sites. It is located right on the beach in a beautiful spot. 

Approximately ninety saints attended this past Christmas. The theme for camp was “According to your Faith”, so a lot of the thoughts and ministry was around this topic. We also had a theme song written by a brother in the Lord called “According to your Faith” which we sang during camp. 

We had lots of activities throughout camp such as canoeing on the river, swimming, tennis and golf. 

A lot of younger families are coming to camp these days so its great to have a program that caters for everyone.

The timing of camp is also great – because it finishes in time for people to travel on to other camps if they choose – such as Tahlee Summer Camp which starts in the first week of January. 

A few families were able to get to Evans Head Camp and Tahlee Summer Camp for a double blessing – especially after the year we’ve had!  It’s great for kids and teens who want to meet up with their peers from other fellowships.  

Easter Camp at Evans Head is happening in April 2021. This will be a catered camp. Check out the events pages for details.

by Melissa Lovegrove (Lismore)