Easter camp Jindabyne 2019

1 Jun 2019

Easter camp Jindabyne 2019

01 Jun 2019

We took the opportunity ‘on the mountain’ to reflect on mountain scriptures – here are some of the blessed thoughts that came up.
It’s quite long and each thought is worth its own consideration – maybe try using one thought a day in your time with God…

P Andrew Riggs: (Exod 34; 2 Cor 3)

Like Moses who was called up the mountain to get the law, we’re invited to have God’s law written on our hearts. Moses’ face had to be covered up because it was too bright after spending time with God – and our glory with the Holy Spirit now in us, is even greater than what Moses had! So: go up a mountain every day and commune with God; clear your head; allow the Lord to write on your heart; see things from a different perspective.

Andrew Smith: (Isa 41:15)

‘Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shalt make the hills as chaff’. I’ve walked some tough tracks, and now on day three of a hike in the afternoon while walking up a steep hill with almost 20 kms on my back you can hear me saying ‘God has made me a NEW SHARP threshing machine’. Not an old one or a blunt one but a brand new shiny sharp toothed machine, powerful, strong, and unstoppable. Able to thresh entire mountains. Able to beat them into small hills and then thresh the hills and turn the hills into chaff that blows away on the wind”. I also use this to motivate others walking with me. It works! When you focus on this promise and think positively about what God is saying you can draw strength from it.

Mountains and hills are metaphors for problems and issues, fears and uncertainties that hold us back in our walk.Things that might take us away from the Lord because we think we cannot overcome them.They might be people that threaten us, bully us or mistreat us. They might be physical barriers that stop us. They might be health issues, addictions, fears…whatever they are they seem like mountains to us.

But God doesn’t just get in and clear the problems away and make our path smooth sailing. He could do that but what would that benefit us? That would mean that we didn’t have to do anything just sit back and let him smooth the way, learning nothing, we would become lazy.

Instead, he gives us the best tools, new tools, powerful sharp tools. Then He holds our right hand and tells us not to fear for He will help us.He then walks with us while we apply the tools to beat the mountains low. He is with us every step of the way. We should be comforted knowing that God is holding our hand and that we do not have to face the problems on our own!

We are never alone.

P Chris Brown: (Phil 3:12-16; Gal 5:25; Matt 22:37)

Mountains feature a lot in scripture. It’s where God met with men many times. Imagine the image of Christ at the top of the mountain in plain sight, and our life is the journey up it to meet Him in glory.

We don’t get to the top of any mountain without a conscious decision and effort. Paul was always just putting one foot in front of the other. In Gal 5 the sense is less about strolling, and much more about marching with intent.

And don’t be afraid to turnaround and look at the view – where you’ve come from and how far God has brought you.

Garry Hall: (Eph 1:5-6; Jer 29:11; Psalm 13:17-18; Psalm 40:5)

Scriptures that help us appreciate just how special we are in God’s eyes. So cheer up – God’s on your side. Rom 8:32 God didn’t even spare His own son for us, so He’ll freely give us all things.

Jacob Riggs: (Exod 20; Matt 5:21-32; 1 John 2:15-16; Matt 6:19-33; Psa 13)

We trust experts in their knowledge, and God wants us to put our trust in what He has to say. If we want to see point-in-time changes, we need faith. How do we unlock the potential that’s in the Word of God? Through faith and confidence in God’s promises.

The Ten commandments are about what causes discontent – for example, coveting. The Beatitudes are about what brings contentment – service for God and putting our trust in Him.

I have prayed and seen deaf and dumb people healed in the Solomon Islands, despite thinking ‘I hope someone here has enough faith for this’.

Our journey is like a  train – we get on the train once with tickets paid for by Christ’s blood. The tracks show where to go, but it’s faith that moves the train along the track.

We can have unanswered questions, but at some point we need to decide ‘I’m going to believe God’. We choose to have faith, then build that faith with prayer and the Word. Faith stops being a choice – it’s just how we are.

Peter Preston (Matt 17:1-8; Gal 5:22)

Like the Apostle Peter said, ‘it is good for us to be here’. Take a step of faith, leaving your normal life behind, to seek, love and serve our Lord. That’s the way the fruits of the spirit grow in us.

P Joe Abel: (Exod 34:29; 2 Cor 4:7; 2 Cor 3:18)

There comes a time when we need to come down from the mountain and get back to work.

Noah came down from Ararat for a brand new start; Moses came down with the plans for the tabernacle – where God dwelt among men; Abraham came down justified by faith after being prepared to sacrifice Isaac. Christ came down from the mount of Olives to save all mankind.

It’s necessary for us to go up the mountain to visit God and receive His glory, but then to come down from the mountain so that we can work and serve God. And for God’s glory to be seen in us. We come down from the mountain refreshed, strengthened and glowing.