Coffs Harbour – A blessed year

1 Nov 2017

We were just reflecting the other night at the house meeting how it has been a blessed year following our September prayer and fast last year, where as a fellowship we held a rolling prayer and fast for the month focusing on revival and reaching out to people we know in our communities.

Trish was witnessed to on the beach by Chris and Gill and has been happily coming along since.

Tracy is a workmate of Sarah’s and was Spirit filled a few months ago after going through some difficult times in life.

Toby is a friend of Amber’s from school, she invited him to a meeting late last year and he has been coming along since. He recently had prayer for the spirit after one of the Sunday meetings and received.

Henry’s grandson has been coming along for a few months, already Spirit filled and baptised.

Myrna’s husband and grandson have been occasionally coming along for a while now too and have recently showed interest in receiving the spirit and baptism, so we’re looking forward to some good news there.

Pr Joe Weigerinck, Coffs Harbour